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Re: About me and my work

Hi DruPen

Excellent art work. Congratulations!


Erick Goes

2008/8/6 TransNet Informática <transnetinformatica googlepage zzn com>
Hi, fellows!
I'm DruPen (say Dru-Pen), a brazilian guy, Linux and Windows user. Unfortunately, I'm not graduated by this or that high school, as a matter of fact I'm one of those ... "self-made man"... and I'm proud of it...
I work on Blender, The GIMP, BrOffice DRAW (OpenOffice DRAW), Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Painter (I don't like Adobe softwares, but I use them, if necessary). I did make a lot of icons, png's images and other things, all of wich could be used on Fedora's Project. I'm sending some of png's artwork to Fedora's Project for valuation. All of them are as attached files.
If you could help me, my personal adress is (I prefere this one, as a personal adress, of course you may send me e-mails to the same adress of the present email...still you could send me email by using the www.projetofedora.org service, looking for DruPen user)
transnetinformatica gmail com.

Thanks a lot.


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