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Re: Greetings and Salutations

Most of the designs that I have, whether it is a webpage or else UI from World of Warcraft, is viewable from my website:


and for the World of Warcraft UI's, in the forums of http://kota.sinisterfx.org.

How familiar am I with GIMP? I have attempted to use it, and have been working on it a lot more. Coming from an era of Photoshop, it does take some getting use to, but I have been working on it fairly solid now for the last few months. Depressingly, it's not as much time in as I have with Photoshop, but it's like going from an automatic, to standard transmission -- easily done, just takes getting use to is all.

On Tue, 2008-08-05 at 09:27 +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
Sean M Gatton wrote:
> Good day to all!

Good day to you too,

> Since I graduated 
> from high school, I began moving off from pencil/paper artwork, and have 
> moved more towards computer generated graphics. I've used numerous 
> graphics programs to date, and thoroughly enjoy designing webpages, web 
> graphics and UIs for World of Warcraft for friends of mine (as well as 
> myself).

Any of those designs are available online to share?

> Recently, I took care of reinstalling an operating system on my 
> sister-in-law's laptop for college. Rather then put Windows back on 
> there, I loaded Linux for her, which got me working more on the Linux 
> side of life, then Windows. Since then, I have been interested in 
> designing things to be used inside a Linux distribution, as designing 
> and tinkering are things I thoroughly enjoy!

So how familiar are you with various Linux graphic applications, like 
GIMP and Inkscape (we use them quite a lot) or Blender and Scribus?

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