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Re: Using photos rather than "art"

Personally, i think that we need a package of addtional wallpapers for fedora, not just the generic gnome ones...

the shot of clouds by andyfitz on flickr is a prime candidate for this pack IMHO, as is Bob's shot...

Andy's Photo:

ryanlerch gmail com

2008/8/7 Ian Weller <ianweller gmail com>
On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 04:24:57PM -0500, Bob Peterson wrote:
> I was wondering if Fedora could have a photo for its
> main background screen.  As an amateur photographer, I have several
> "scenery" photos I've taken that may be suitable, and I'm willing to
> donate.  Some even have a nice blue theme.  For example:
Very nice :D

I'm sure this will spark a major discussion on whether photography,
realism, or abstract art is better for the Fedora wallpapers. I,
personally, am for abstract art, namely because I think Linux is more
abstract than other operating systems. (Not that it makes it bad or
anything) ;)

I wouldn't be against photography or realism as wallpaper, though. I
just have a strong preference for abstract stuff.

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