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Re: Using photos rather than "art"

Bob Peterson wrote:
Here's another photo I took.  This one has nice blue Fedora-like
colors and shows the top side of a jellyfish.  The symbol on the
back of the jellyfish is pretty close to the Fedora infinity symbol;
it could be morphed into one pretty easily by some creative soul
with tools.  (This photo has not been doctored).  Caution: It is 1.5MB.


That's a nice one. And very "Fedora". And not hard to re-create with vectors.

It's not perfectly in focus, but I might be able to find others
like it in my collection.  I realize the need to not be too
"cluttered" in background photos.

We are past the first round for F10, when we were supposed to gather concepts (and we have a lot of concepts submitted). Probably the best is that an original concept to be submitted for F11 (when we'll get to that).

But, of course, that does not stop us talking about using photos versus drawings, is an interesting talk and I would like to hear more opinions about that.

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