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Re: Wallpaper Extras

Martin Sourada wrote:
I think either is fine, but the gallery feature seems to win this for
me, IMHO it's perfect for such page. Is there a way to use within the
gallery external images? That would be even better. Or does the

I don't know that much about MediaWiki.

MediaWiki also resize the images before it sends them to the requester?

For images stored in the wiki the thumbnails are created on the server.

I mean if the images displayed in the gallery were not scaled down on a
client but resized down on the server than the problem with large size
wouldn't be a problem at all.

I was thinking about file sizes... the JPEGs straight from my camera are about 4.5-5MB, resized at 1920x1200, they will get under 1.5MB, but this is still quite large (and the file size will be a problem for the package too).

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