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[Nodoka] Coding on 0.8.x started - first real screenshots available


just a short notice that I today committed [1] some new code into nodoka
git that makes initial take on the new engine option (style) for the
button widget. I also made some screen-shots [2] featuring all three

As you can see in the screen-shots it's only the first step towards the
next stable series and most of work lies ahead, so I would not recommend
using the git snapshot unless for testing purposes. There should be no
new bugs compared to the stable release available in Fedora repos and
the recommendation is based mostly on the fact that the new rendering is
in very early stage and clashes a lot with the not-yet-ported drawing
functions :-D

Comments welcome,

[2] https://fedorahosted.org/nodoka/wiki/Screenshots#a0.7.80.0git9a0f383

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