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Re: Fedora Theme Contest: What happenes to the runners-up?

I think this is an interesting topic, worth discussing on the Art list, so I move it there.

Duvelle Jones wrote:
This is more or less my question, for every time that I see the ArtTeam
conduct an theme contest for Wallpapers, I see one or two that happen to
be impressive. Impressive enough to warrant addition, but I assume that
those that come second or third in the contest don't have there work
packaged for the next version for Fedora Linux.
From my perspective, that is a shame... if I am correct, that the work
of runners-up are simply discarded. If not, what does in fact happen?

If fact, we didn't had so far more than one proposal going to the final state (all graphics created), that usually stopped at Round 2 (a wallpaper and a few additional graphics).

The intention is not to run it as a contest, so we don't have a clear second or third place, it is supposed to work by consensus, where a large number of people converge in working in one concept.

There is a very new initiative to create a gallery with additional wallpapers: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2008-August/msg00118.html I think that is the right place to upload and share the images that didn't made the release.

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