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[Linux Day Italy] Fedora Distribution Kit

Hi all, 
	I'm Luca and, with other Italian ambassadors I'm organizing Linux Day
2008 (planned on October 25th). A more detailed description can be
founded here [1][2].

Italian Linux day is distributed and a more bit complicated than
centalized events like, for example, Linux Tag. 
We wish to deliver to every events (but we most probably reduce it on a
subset due to budget and interest) a box that contains all necessary to
build a fedora USB station (It's like Ikea [4] furniture).

We need to decide a nice name for the box, right now the proposal are:
 * fedora starter kit
 * fedora distribution kit
 * fedora usb kit

which name do you prefer? if you have another ideas about it, just write
it ;-)

We need also artworks; I spoke with Samuele Storari about it and he was
very enthusiast ;-)

I also made a request here [3] which i composed by:
 * box artwork: a small sticker, which will be attached on container box
(probably we need a new logo, or something can remember people this
 * DVD artwork (same of above)
 * Fedora 10 USB kit artwork (which will similar to fedora 9 arwork but
with new fedora theme, when will be ready ;-))

I haven't any idea about what we can represent on artworks. 

I hope you can help us.

Thanks in advance for all feedback

[2] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/LinuxDay/LinuxDay2008
[4] http://www.ikea.com/
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