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Re: Hello hello

Evangeline McGlynn wrote:
Greetings Fedora Art group,

My name is Eve McGlynn and I am hoping to join the Fedora Art group.  A
little bit about myself: my formal background is in cartography, which
focuses a lot more on design than some people realize (though others are
suspicious of the technical aspects, so I guess I'm doomed to always
justify myself to other folks!).  Outside of school though, I've always
had my fingers in some sort of creative medium.  I currently work for
Red Hat as an interaction designer, and am trying to join the Art group
to better dig my heels into fedoraland as I will likely occasionally do
projects in that realm for work.  As far as software is concerned, I
work in both the Adobe tools and Inkscape and GIMP.  For most projects,
I find myself using a pen and paper for most of the early stages, as
it's easier for me to think with a pen than a mouse, but I'm
nevertheless grateful I was born after the paste-board days of graphic

I hope this introduction helps you folks.  If there's any more you'd
like to hear, please let me know!


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Hi Eve, Firstly Welcome to Fedora-Art-MailingList. Vert Precise Intro..and also a good one. We have different sections to work on. Starting from Creating Icons and Banners to wallpapers and many more.. And Using a Pen and paper is the stepping stones.. And you know that better.. Everyone in this list are keen and eaer and they will surely help you in all the possible ways.. I Like this team so much. See ya around.

###"Team-Work Means MORE"###

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