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Re: [F10 themes: round 2] Gears: lot of gears

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

Here's my try that I showed you in IRC today. It's very blue :) It seems more cyberpunk than steampunk. I may try a different approach to give it a more steampunk feel.


Which I think is a very cool looking image, I like it very much. And of course I am curious to learn about your ideas about a more steampunk feel.

Well, here you go :)


I used a masked pipe photo to texturize the larger front gears, and I colored them in with a golden color using the color blending mode. So maybe the golden color with the texture makes it a little more steampunk. I kept the background blue.

I also made a bit of a darkened version of the above; maybe it would be more suitable for a wallpaper because it's a little less distracting.


I had to remove the other xcf i uploaded before; I ran out of fedorapeople.org space so I compressed the xcfs as a temporary solution:


(you can make both 3 and 3b from the 3b source above. Just turn off the swirl layer to get a 3 out of it)


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