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Re: [Echo] Preferences-system-users draft

On Sun, 2008-08-17 at 03:20 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> New version:
> http://www.thefinalzone.net/echo/apps/preferences-system-users22c.png
> http://www.thefinalzone.net/echo/apps/preferences-system-users22c.svg
> http://www.thefinalzone.net/echo/apps/preferences-system-users24c.png
> http://www.thefinalzone.net/echo/apps/preferences-system-users32c.png
> http://www.thefinalzone.net/echo/apps/preferences-system-users32c.svg
> http://www.thefinalzone.net/echo/apps/preferences-system-users48c.png
> http://www.thefinalzone.net/echo/apps/preferences-system-users48c.svg

Slightly better. To better express my comments, I edited the 22x22
version to what I liked ;-) The changes are:
 * repositioning to better fit the pixel grid
 * added gradient to some borders, make them darker to increase contrast and clarity
 * redo the shadows to better fit with the rest of the isometric icons

Feel free to redo the other versions in a similar way. Interestingly, I
noticed, after darkening the borders, that the bodies look
(subjectively) brighter after my edits :-)


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