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Re: Solar theme Round 2

Hi Samuele,

Samuele Storari wrote:
Hi all,
I create a new (semi-final) step for Solar.
I've uploaded it on the wiki page:


let me know your guess.

Well I first wanted to let you know that it's hard for others to work with your artwork because you didn't provide sources or in lieu of that any instructions on how to reproduce it. If you want your theme to have a good shot at making it you should definitely make them available so more people can 'vote' on it.

I liked the first solar better than this iteration; the colors were more Fedora blue and I think it was a bit darker so I think a bit more functional for a wallpaper (if the wallpaper is too bright / busy / contrasting it is hard for folks to use) I do like how you put the visual focus towards the lower right of the wallpaper, since we line the icons up starting from the upper left this helps.

It looks like you may have used planet brushes to produce the white planets on the left? Can you make those available too? (are they openly-licensed?)


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