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Re: R: Re: Solar theme Round 2

Hi Samuele,

Samuele Storari wrote:
I will provide all the source, sorry, i'm new to the open source and it's not so simple for me.
About the moon, it wasn't only brushes, one of the three was made using a photo that i've manipulated before.
I will provide their too (the brushes) cos they are totally open.
The trouble about my source it's they are really big, about 44,5 mb cos it's a .psd file and not a svg and i've got some difficult to share them.
But i will do my best to let other person work on m purpose.

The majority of folks here do not have photoshop and use gimp. Can you open the PSD up in gimp and convert it to xcf? Actually if you can save it as xcf.gz from gimp, it will compress the file and likely make it smaller. Then you could upload it to your account a fedorapeople.org (which is back up right now). You should have enough disk space to do this.


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