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Re: Neon

Hey Michael,

Michael Beckwith wrote:
Here's the happiest attempt that I've made to make a theme for Neon. The idea is just a view of a street, utilizing primarily just the lower right corner and along the right side. I would love to have ideas for more details that could be added, as this still feels primitive, but I think there's a lot of potential.

I still like the basic layout as we discussed in IRC earlier :) I was wondering, if the details were all filled in, what style of rendering would you ideally like to see this done in? For example, are you looking for a cyberpunk kinda look, with a lot of angles and metal, or are you looking for more of a grungy feel - maybe it would help to pick out an inspiration graphic that has the same feel you're looking for?

BTW I saw the neon tentacles you posted on planet fpo and I think they look really neat. I might start playing with them tonight :)


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