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Re: Solar Round 2 updates

Hi Samuele!

Samuele Storari wrote:
Hi all!

I've posted on the wiki the other format for the Solar Theme, the Splash, the "anaconda header", and Prompt Screen.


But, cos i'm new of this project maybe I forgot something, so if it was, please someone could help me and say me what I've must do?
Thanks a lot.

And don't forget to give me some feed back on my works. ;)

Very promising work! :)

I see a few issues with your usage of the Fedora logo. The usage guidelines state that you should switch the letters coloring to stand out against the background rather than using drop shadows or highlights to make it stand out whenever possible. So I would recommend in all the places you are using the logotype with blue, to instead use the logotype in white and remove the glow/shading.

The wallpaper still appears to be too high-contrast for a desktop and also the small planets are of the size to be easily confused with desktop icons. I am also concerned about how large the artwork will scale. What is the resolution of the original artwork? Were vectors used to create it (if so you should upload the sources) If not, can you document the steps used to create the artwork so it could be re-created at a higher resolution if needed?

The general layout of the grub screen is nice, I am not 100% sure if you will have enough room at the top of the menu to have a logo that large so it may need to be sized down. I am not sure what the lines in the background are symbolizing. I think they are a bit too-high contrast with the background color; try converting them to 14 color as well to see if they will look okay in the final grub version.

The fedora logo isn't used properly in the anaconda banner. The logo mark's size in proportion to the logotype has been altered so that the logomark is too large, and the lighter blue color in the logo mark is not the correct RGB value.

The aurora, while pretty, seems reminiscent of the new OS X default wallpaper so I would just be aware of that and make sure they are clearly differentiated.

If you intend to keep the planet brushes in at least some of the artworks I think you should cite the source of the brushes and document their license so we can ensure it's compatible for inclusion in Fedora. Many 'free' brushes actually impose restrictions on any artworks using them that would make the artworks not suitable for inclusion in Fedora.

You definitely should site the source and license of the original photo used to make the large moon/planet as well. Did you create the aurora graphic or is that sourced from elsewhere? If you created it I'd like to see the source/license for it too.


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