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Re: R: Re: Solar Round 2 updates

Paul W. Frields wrote:
Enough, in fact, that we should consider:
  (1) holding a runner-up for Fedora 11 to use then, and/or
  (2) packaging one or more of these as alternates for Fedora 10, like a
"10th release ultra-mega-party pack theme extravaganza!" ;-)

Seriously, I hope you didn't read my message as being overly negative Samuele! It's extremely impressive work you're doing.

I think that if we end up with more than one theme that makes it to round three, that we should hold a Fedora community vote similar to how we choose the release name (the Board could maybe be given some veto power in exceptional circumstances to pre-whittle down the choices as in the release name suggestion process but none of the artwork we've got thus far I think would require that.)

Do you think setting up such a vote would be possible, Paul? We'll know which ones make it to round three by September 1 so we'd want to vote as soon as possible after that.

Any runner-ups should be packaged and available. I understand the way theming works this may be difficult, but at the very least we should be able to ship the runner-up wallpapers in base Fedora so they'll always available for selection in the backgrounds capplet.


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