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Re: [Echo] One Canvas workflow + making commits easier

On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 14:09 +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> See the script made by jimmac (linked in the comments to his blog post): 
> http://pastebin.ca/1071599
Thanks for the link. As noted in my yesterday's blog post [1], I
expanded this script a little to better fit our needs [attachment]. I
intend to do further expansions to make the lives of our artists even
easier. Most notably I'd like to create these scripts to ease the life
of echo artists and package them for fedora:
        * script to clone and set up the local git echo repository
        * script to update the local git repository
        * script to render and add the created icon (using One Canvas
        Workflow) to local git repository

The lastly mentioned script would be ruby script, expansion of the
attached one (it basically does everything already sans working with the
git repo), the other two would probably be just bash scripts. I propose
these names+usage of the scripts:
        * echo-set-up <repo-destination-dir>
        * echo-update <repo-destination-dir>
        * echo-add-icon <repo-destination-dir>

The package containing these three scripts could be named echo-artist.
Any thoughts/suggestions/comments on these thoughts?

Of course, I am completely new to ruby, so the code might not be the
best... If you know how to improve it, feel free to do so, I'll push it
to git once we decide on the final names of the scripts.



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