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[Echo] Updated echo-add-icon Script + Usage Screencast


I've just finished the echo-add-icon script mentioned yesterday [1]. It
currently does all I wanted it to do, i.e.:
        * generate all necessary PNGs and SVGs and put them into git
        * makes new commit with user given message
        * suggests user what he should do next (this might be improved
        to contain links to tutorials once they are finished)

It works with one canvas workflow source Inkscape SVG in a special
format, as outlined in a screecast I quickly made [2]. It also greatly
simplifies life for Echo artist, since all they need is to make the
Source SVG, run the script on it, select which branches they'd like to
push it to and write commit message(s) - i.e. it automates most of the
process. I didn't add git push origin to the script since I feel that it
should not be done automatically, also branch specific changes (adding
symlinks, adding it to buildsystem) are not done, since they are not so
easy to make, so there is still room for future improvement.

In the above mentioned screencast I outlined how the source SVG looks
like and what is the usage of the echo-add-icon script.

I appreciate any comments/help on the script [attached] and screencast. 


PS: I am beginning to like Ruby programming language, I wonder if I
should learn it properly :-D

[2] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/screencasts/echo-add-icon-screencast.ogg
(In the time of sending this mail the upload was still not complete, so
wait a little before fetching it, the complete file has about 4.5 MB,
but ssh upload via nautilus is dreadfully slow)

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