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Re: My love for art, "coding'', graphics...

Hi Leo!

Leo Jackson wrote:
My name is Leo Jackson I have been in the art field for 7 years and I
code in a multitude of computer languages as well. I use gimp, paint,
and other programs I created. I want to be part of this group to
express my love for art, fedora, open source etc..

Cool, it's great to meet you! Happy to hear that you are familiar with Gimp. Have you tried Inkscape? (There are a lot of big Inkscape fans here on the Fedora art team!)

For membership into the team (specifically in the Fedora accounts system) we require that you do one design work for the team and submit it here for critique/discussion. We have an open design tasks queue http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/DesignService so you can feel free to claim a task from there. Or you may wish to work on our brand new icon theme: https://fedorahosted.org/echo-icon-theme/

We have a lot of projects going on so let us know your interests! Do you have a portfolio we could look at? It would help us get a sense of what style you have and what kinds of artwork tasks to suggest for you to get stared with.

Welcome to the group!


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