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F11 naming

Hi all!

I heard something about naming contest of F11, I think this time we as artwork team can propose some ideas to have a better integration between Release name and graphic.
If our release plan will be "short" enough, we could be able to propose a "integrated name" and all F guys could be choice between our proposal or other solutions (but our proposal will be surely the best one :D)

With a small period for each round, we'll be able to have more time and we can focus ourselves to create not just a wallpaper, but a real full-stack theme (with great gnome-login, gnome-screensaver, KDE...) 

I have a pair of ideas for this Release in connection with the number (11), I think we can work on the "mirror effect", maybe light & dark, good & evil etc etc...

I made a sketch to raffigurate this concept, what do you think about it? not the sketch, the idea, i know this is the worst sketch you can see in ur life :D



Samuele Storari
Art Director
Byte-Code srl
mobile: +39 347 50 798 32
office: +39 02 9840047

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