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Re: F11 naming

Samuele Storari wrote:
I heard something about naming contest of F11,

The process is *nothing* like a contest, is a gathering of name proposals from the community, which will be reduced to a short list by the Board, then checked by Red Hat's legal team and the few remaining will be put for a community vote.

I think this time we as artwork team can propose some ideas to have a better integration between Release name and graphic.

The proposals are open for the entire community, please submit your proposal to the naming thread (the people in charge to not read our list).

If our release plan will be "short" enough, we could be able to propose a "integrated name" and all F guys could be choice between our proposal or other solutions (but our proposal will be surely the best one :D)

No chance, the naming process takes a lot of time, especially the legal clearing, so the proposals have to be submitted really fast.

With a small period for each round, we'll be able to have more time and we can focus ourselves to create not just a wallpaper, but a real full-stack theme (with great gnome-login, gnome-screensaver, KDE...)

GDM is not themed by us.

I have a pair of ideas for this Release in connection with the number (11), I think we can work on the "mirror effect", maybe light & dark, good & evil etc etc...

Ideas for the name? There is a constraint: it has to be linked in some way with Cambridge, and the link should *not* be "is a city" (the link between Cambridge and Sulphur). That is the tradition.

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