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Re: T-shirt logo design tool

Charlie Brej wrote:
I wrote a little tool to create these "word splat" things with the idea of using the generated images as the Fudcon t-shirt designs.


This is cool

Currently it uses the words: Fudcon fedora freedom friends features first January 2009 MIT Massachusetts USA Boston

OK, I figured the list of words is available in the makefile

Would be good to have more words because sometimes there are patches of the same word multiple times which looks clumsy.

Help appreciated.

If you would like to have a go yourself then the code is here:

Run "make" to make it run. It generates a test.svg as an output.

I believe input.xpm is the bitmap used to generate the overall shape, why I can't open it in either eog or GIMP? I tried to replace it with something else made with GIMP and the resulting SVG is the same.

Also, I think it would be useful to ass a 2 or 3px stroke to the letters, so they have the same thickness as the wordmark.

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