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Re: T-shirt logo design tool

Charlie Brej wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:
Paul W. Frields wrote:


Wow, that's pretty cool!  Any idea whether this would reproduce
faithfully at the T-shirt printer?

I guess some of the smallest fonts are to small, not sure about the print, but they will be impossible to read. Maybe adding a stroke will help with this too.

Yeah, I accidentally reduced all fonts by 1 which effects the small fonts the most. (now fixed)
I also just one of just the fedora logo
http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~brejc8/temp/try4.png /

Wow this is beautiful!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions for the list of tags that we use? One idea we had in #fedora-art yesterday was to use the tags to not only give the basic info (january 2009, fudcon, boston, etc) but to relate the host city to the four f's of fedora...

freedom (could be used for historical or current freedom-related events):
  boston freedom trail, boston tea party, paul revere's ride ... ?

features (could be used for landmarks or cultural points of interest):
  big dig, zakim bridge, prudential center, museum of fine arts ... ?

friends (famous people in the city or maybe from the city area?):
mayor thomas menino, governor deval patrick, sen. edward kennedy, john f. kennedy ... ?

first (things the city was first at, things that were invented there, etc):
first public library in the US, fire truck invented, small pox vaccine invented, spring bed invented, truss-type bridge invented, stereoscopic x-rays invented ... ?

What do you think of this idea?


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