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Re: Leaflet design. Suggestion please.

susmit shannigrahi wrote:
Why did you made the metallic base brown/golden? It is grey in the splash:

I did both, and the second one looked a bit more glossy.

But the other looks more consistent with our website, I think consistency is a plus.

Don't you think the screenshots are too blurry (small resolution) to be
printed like this?

Yes, they are.
I am replacing them.
Is a high resolution version of this picture is available somewhere?

Unfortunately the source is a SVG with embedded bitmaps, so it will be a bit of help but not very much, you will have to add new screenshots and maybe a new texture:

And I believe you have here the front and back page, the copyright
disclaimer looks like the last page.

Yes, you are right....my fault that I didn't mention the last page.

An finally, I think you can use an image with sharp, not rounded corners.

Ok. Will remove the rounded corners.

The bad news is that the metal texture embedded in the SVG above has the corners rounded.

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