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Re: FUDcon 2009 - Promo1


To the first question.. no problem; I can add today the explanation of FUD to the video.

The second one; I took the song of the soundtrack of Gakuen Redux OST[0], this is a game made with renpy [1]. Inside the game is the full soundtrack and the "about" file doesn't seems to have any restrictions.

I'm cheking the url of the game and I only see the .exe of it, I'll contact the guy that made it and ask him if we can use his sound officially for the clip.

[0] http://www.renai.us/game/gredux.shtml
[1] http://www.renpy.org/

But someone has to ask this: how is licensed the music you used for the sound track? is by any chance licensed under a sort of CC license? If so, I hope not a NC or ND and surely is has the BY clause, you will have to attribute the author.

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