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Re: FUDcon 2009 - Promo1

María Leandro wrote:

The second one; I took the song of the soundtrack of Gakuen Redux OST[0], this is a game made with renpy [1]. Inside the game is the full

Wow! First time when I learn about renpy, it looks interesting (but I have not managed to start Gaken Redux on my machine).

soundtrack and the "about" file doesn't seems to have any restrictions.

It does not work this way but exactly the opposite: when nothing is said, you assume full copyright, the copyright kicks in automatically. Something is Free only if that is said explicitly.

Also, on the renpy website they say it can be used for both Free and non-free games.

I'm cheking the url of the game and I only see the .exe of it, I'll contact the guy that made it and ask him if we can use his sound officially for the clip.

This is the best thing to do, I see OGG files in the DATA directory, but they lack metadata.

[0] http://www.renai.us/game/gredux.shtml
[1] http://www.renpy.org/

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