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Re: wallpaer!!

these are the wallpapers i made and forgot to attach in the previous mail. aplogies for the same. anyways i would like to have your comments and feedback on d wallpapers !

I believe you used the Flame filter from GIMP, right? Here are some things I believe you can improve: - you have a white outline around the logo, this is, I believe, caused by the fact that you didn't have a SVG of the logo and used a raster image from where you tried to delete the white background; - I don't like the cyan hallo around the logo, I think its color does not fit; - also the hallo is cut strangely, like you had a problem with the blur filter. Can you tell what you did, maybe we know how it can be done properly.

http://jiitlug.googlegroups.com/web/fedora2.png?hl=en&gsc=xlKsqhYAAABKfX-Y689yOvg82OiFrNVcS7ibph5ftdNh9K_-frBgDg http://jiitlug.googlegroups.com/web/fedora.png?hl=en&gsc=MgWlthYAAACPCAtMv17zj-tgAuHRJaPQS7ibph5ftdNh9K_-frBgDg

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