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Fedora 10 Media Art Font / editing SVG

Hello Fedora Art people! You rock. I don't want to switch distros, because you guys put out open Media that I can use to print my own CDs.

That said, with Fedora 10, I installed a Live CD, and wanted to print a disc, but found a couple of issues.

I can print directly to my discs using my Epson Stylus Photo R320 and printable CDs, if I get a high resolution rasterized graphic, I can crop and print with GIMP/gutenprint and everything is gravy.

However, I like having the architecture printed on the disc, so I can tell the difference between my 64-bit and 32-bit discs. I complained once, but Mo Duffy politely told me how I can change the SVG text so that I can put whatever I want. A simple search and replace was all I needed to do. Again, awesome.

However, for Fedora 10, downloading the artwork source, I got scribus, which I don't know much about using, but wasn't installed on the Live Media. I installed it, but I was kind of lost. I managed to get an SVG somehow, and then I was going to print it, but noticed the fonts were all wonky.

Is there some font being used that I don't have? Considering this is Fedora, surely, it is open and available, I'm guessing I just need to install it. I don't know how to do that, or even what I'm looking for, but all I really want is to print media art on my discs.

I appreciate any help, and encourage the project to include fonts used in the media art with the Live CD. I don't know how big a font is, and I know media space is limited, but I really found this disheartening. Other than that, keep on rocking.

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