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Re: [Linuxtag-fedora] (Swag for) Linuxtag

To be frank, I wouldn't like a grey polo-shirt. Rather black. But I'd like to stick with the light blue, as we decided on last Saturday's meeting.

I just asked regarding the "similar color"-clause in the guidelines on #fedora-art and talked to mizmo (Máirín Duffy) there concerning this question. She's also the main logo usage approver, anyway.

According to her, light-blue is allowed to be used with the logo. I made a small mockup with some random light blue and she added that #76b7f7 would be a really good color. That color would be fine with both, the standard and the white type logo. We'd both prefer the white logo on that background, tho. I attached the mockup featuring that specific background/polo-shirt color and both logos.

She also advised to check what colors the supplier can provide for polo shirts. If we'll just ask for a specific color we might end up getting shirts in a different color otherwise. Or to better stick with white or black since the supplier can't screw up those colors. The color for the ambassador shirts was perfect, tho. That's a good sign, isn't it?


mizmo requested to CC the art team with what we're discussing here since they're the ones that:
a) are good with colors, logos and stuff
b) are asked about such stuff if anyone else want to do something similar. According to her there's been questions to the art list about the ambassadors polo shirts, too.

We should share our final results with the ambassadors, marketing and art lists in order that others can profit from our efforts.


I hope I didn't forget anything.

Opinions on anything of that? Do we stick with light blue now?

Joerg: can the polo shirt supplier provide any specific color?

Best regards

JoergSimon wrote:
Am Sonntag, 3. Februar 2008 11:31:22 schrieb Gerold Kassube:
- Polo-Shirt hellblaues Polo-Shirt zum verkaufen?? [SELL]
== this means, remember our blue Ambassador Shirt; the same Shirt, the
same quality but in the lighter blue and without the stich as "Fedora
Ambassador" on the arm.

I like the Idea to produce Poloshirts that visitors can buy. I am sure they will buy it. My suggestion is to use dark grey color (attached) instead lighter(baby)blue for the PoloShirts because the only Blue Background for the Fedora Logo must be Pantone ® 2935 - thats the reason why the Ambassador Polos have that blue color. I will make a darkgrey Prototype to present it to the Linuxtagpeople at Fosdem and if the people like it - we will see - ok?

CU Joerg



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