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Re: Extension? (was Re: Withdrawal of Fedora Theme contest)

Hey Nicu,

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

I am wondering if a week extension would be useful for folks who are still busily working on round 2? (I know it would be a big help to me :) ) We did this for the F8 theme too and saw good results from the extension. What do folks think?

It does make sense, today is the last day and we don't have even *one* submission ready for Round 2. We can use the small delay in the Alpha schedule as an excuse for our extension...

But a serious question: if people have not worked on their themes for one full month, will they work in one additional week? Maybe something is broken with the 3 rounds process and we should fix it for the future releases?

My excuse is vacation and then being super busy having to catch up after vacation :( I think maybe we haven't publicized / simply talked about the rounds enough this time. The back and forth conversation does help to remind and motivate folks I think. I do feel partially responsible and I've been quite glad you've picked up the slack with mailing list deadline reminders and blog posts.

When we pushed back a week for F8, we did get a lot of additional work in that week so I think it's worth a shot. So I do think it can be effective.

Some good news, I think Waves is almost ready to meet the round 2 requirements. There was an earlier idea of linking sulphur to the waves to match the f9 codename so I have been working on some mockups of this. It just needs an accompanying wallpaper:


They do need some further refinement of course but I think they are developed enough to get a feel for what it would look like. One worry I have is maybe it is just too dark? But maybe a lighter wallpaper to go along with it would make the darkness a little easier to take? Maybe it should use dark blue instead of grey? I'm not sure. Any ideas?


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