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echo icons should not be provided with fedora by default / echo cannot be the default icon set


you know my opinion about echo:

* it causes mixing of tangoish style and echo, because of well used tango style and lack of icon in echo * they are not complete and they cannot cover some icons because of hardcoded pixmaps (not to accept is hardcoding echo instead of fixing that)
	* echo looks like childs play

that was my subjective opinion. now some facts (0.3.1-1.fc8):

	* blurry gedit
	* blurry gcalctool
	* non-echo gnome-screenshot
	* non-echo dictionary
	* non-echo file-roller
	* non-echo sound-juicer
	* non-echo gimp
	* non-echo inkscape
	* non-echo gconf-editor
	* non-echo nautilus
	* non-echo gnome-mount
	* non-echo prefferred apps
	* non-echo keyboard prefs
	* non-echo appearance
	* non-echo windows
	* non-echo personal file sharing
	* non-echo date and time
	* non-echo screen
	* non-echo root's password
	* non-echo neat-control (network interfaces control tool)
	* non-echo grub configuration tool
	* non-echo services
	* non-echo authorization
	* non-echo users and groups
	* non-echo sound
	* non-echo firewall
	* non-echo lvm
	* non-echo gtk-help
	* non-echo gtk-close
	* no svgs
	* low visibility of panel volume icons
	* too much of transparency in system-search/whatever it is

what I want you to tell? we cannot use that icons, becase we'll be mixing styles (that's a fact you must understand).

even if you can stand on your head, you cannot change this.

fedora should follow new fashion of tangoish artwork and should provide tangoish icons where possible to make its configuration tools integrate better with gnome (because without rewriting they'll never be kde-compiliant).

why icons are *so* important? because "love at first sight" may occur.

also, have you even seen ubuntu

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