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Re: echo icons should not be provided with fedora by default / echo cannot be the default icon set

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:

you know my opinion about echo:

1) You ALREADY sent this diatribe. Rather than re-sending it, think
about why nobody cared to reply to it.

2) I am losing my patience with your Echo bashing. Filing bug reports
for the icons you found objective issues with is far more helpful than
flinging an trolling diatribe.

I'm considering putting your messages on moderation.


Funny... I've sent here, not in BZ, list of issues with screenshots.

Noone was interested.

Why? Better is not to listen and ignore me.

Yes, I realize from the first time you posted the list that you sent it
to the mailing list. What I was trying to hint to you is that bug
reports really belong in bugzilla, not on a mailing list, and certainly
without the vinegar!

Maybe the Echo folks aren't rushing to fix all the issues you've brought
up since you've been extremely rude to them repeatedly? Ever hear of the
saying 'sugar works better than vinegar' ?


I can file bugs, but I'm sure they'll not fix it. - This was not the thing you want to hear, I know, but that's true.

Echo was made to be included in F7, then F8 and then for F9, but still it's not ready. Not so polished as it should be.

#11, #12, #13, #14 in Hosted Trac.

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