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Re: Echo future

On Tue, 2008-02-05 at 23:06 +0100, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
Martin Sourada wrote:
Easier would be making tango-compiliant theme to play well with GNOME apps.

That would be pointless. We are offering an alternative that is
stylistically (coincidentally) in between the tango style and oxygen
style. I personally think that Echo can work quite good together (to
some extent) with both, while tango and oxygen really don't work
together at all...

I see no reason, why they should work together. Tango is GNOME-related, Oxygen is KDE-related.

Probably, if someone uses mix of GNOME and KDE apps, will like Echo, but... It sadly doesn't play well with Tangoish style of GNOME.

With Oxygen probably too. Echo has too less borders and gloss, compared to Oxygen. Compared to Tango - too less gradients.

It's impossible to do a multi-DE icon set...

Some apps are using hardcoded pixmaps, but better are tangoish, than

Hard-coded pixmaps are bad, if you keep fillings bugs about those, the
situation might improve for all the people trying to make their own icon
themes (and guessing from look at gnome-look.org there are a lot of

Listen, sometimes people don't want to create own icons for apps. Most of apps are placing icons in hicolor/, but they were never replaced (I've never seen ie. own Banshee icons).

You cannot theme them, so style will be mixing.

Yep and that's bad. Not everyone likes
tango/oxygen/echo/bluecurve/whatever and we need to make it possible for
people to use whatever theme they like but with consistent look
throughout the desktop.

Echo has more vibrant pallette (which partly I like, but the turqoise), Tango has more... "dirty" pallette and concrete styling guidelines - thick borders, gradient, gloss...

Echo is so... not plain... subtle.

It could even look good imo, if we could drop perspective. Both Tango and Oxy are using plain perspective. It's good because there will be no inconsistence in ie. Nautilus.

But like I said before, while Echo icon theme has a lot of fans and
followers we are short of contributors, which slows down the development
to such extent that every now and then people question the possibility
of it ever being complete.

Also has antifans :> .

And I personally think, you being one of the persons who like pursuing
issues, you could probably help a lot with making the ToDo page, given
that you already listed some of that in your tickets and here on

I'll try to file more from time to time, like I do every day for Firefox Trunk and Thunderbird Trunk.

This year my activity in BZ's is growing.

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