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Re: Echo future

You probably do not understand why I'm so tango lover.

GNOME has ugly icon theme, until the tango folks began their work.
Almost all apps are now following the style, which is being common for GNOME (like the Aquaish icons are common for OSX).

Some apps, until "art revolution" had ugly icons, even non-GNOME-1x.

I think that making everything to make common style for GNOME is good idea.

Many icon themes were known: Crux, GNOME, Bluecurve. Tango tries to make them look consistent, even, when they're not blur, but most green, etc.

Foglie, Foxtrot, Crux, Mist - only few icon themes, which have own style for folder and every icon with folder emblem and are inheriting GNOME.

They look very nice.

Try Echo now. Looks inconsistent with Tango and with Oxygen.

Echo is subtle, Tango has thick borders, Oxygen is glossy.

GNOME and KDE always were different - different GUIs, different people targeted...

Difference are good here, because you can see the power of choice.

I know, splitting Echo for "only-Oxygen" and "only-Tango" would be stupid, but something between doesn't integrate neither with Tango nor Oxygen.

"Livio is flaming"... Well known quote.

I want to make desktop environment consistent, not mixed or split.

See what bad spliting makes and what's good in merging back?

Beryl was fork, now it's part of Compiz Fusion. Features of Beryl, high quality code of Compiz. Together are making mature product.

I wonder if some beautiful day you'll join Tango.

With your enthusiasm to work you would be very appreciated Tango contributors.

PS: I'm talking mostly about Tango, because I'm using GNOME and contributon to GNOME. I think the differences between DEs are good.

See ya later!

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