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Re: Echo future

Kelly Miller wrote:
Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
It's impossible to do a multi-DE icon set...
I'm sorry for using such crude language out of the blue, but that is
BULLSHIT. KDE and Gnome do not have that different an icon system that
they cannot be used in tandem. In fact, what you're saying is that
people working on unifying the appearance of the applications of both
desktops (like the guys working on QtCurve and the various KDE-to-Gnome
and Gnome-to-KDE style ports) should just give up, as what they're doing
cannot be done, even though it has been.

QtCurve doesn't work well with GTK.

If KDE and Gnome cannot share one unified icon theme, how do you explain
nuoveXT? Tango itself works pretty decently across both as well, and
there's work ongoing to get Crystal SVG to work in Gnome as well.

nuoveXT doesn't count. It provides many not needed icons.

And again, KDE < 4 didn't applied to FD's icon naming spec. It needed many symlinks (and it needs them even for cursors).

After all, I thought this very "impossibility" was the point of the
freedesktop.org icon standard and icon-naming-utils...

I don't think we need to join GNOME and KDE together to work on something.

Those are almost whole systems (I know, same kernel can be used), they're so different and other people choose GNOME, other KDE.

Most GNOME people don't want KDE's features and appearance, and vice versa.

If someone mixes them, his problem.

^ My opinion.

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