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Re: Echo future

Kelly Miller wrote:
Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
QtCurve doesn't work well with GTK.
Funny, it works perfectly fine when I use it.
Most GNOME people don't want KDE's features and appearance, and vice

If someone mixes them, his problem.
Go and tell that to the people who run KDE and use Firefox and/or
Thunderbird as their main browser/email client. I guess they'd rather
have their principle programs stick out like sore thumbs.

Can I predict that you run Gnome as your main desktop? I've noticed that
this sort of attitude seems to come from Gnome-centric people who feel
that having anything Qt-related on their system is a corruption of
FLOSS, and ignore anyone who tries to run both at the same time.

Doesn't really matter, what I use and like. I like KDE, thats reason I put lipstik into repo.

But KDE and GNOME are targeted into slightly different group of users.

KDE users require more, GNOME users require less features and settings.

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