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Re: echo icons should not be provided with fedora by default / echo cannot be the default icon set

2008/2/5 Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>:
One of the reasons why we do not care much to respond to your cries is,
as Mo said, your behaviour. We just don't want some pointless flame. And
as for fixing the issues (many of those you listed are real problems)
its mainly a matter of lacking enough contributors. So if you really
want to have clear reactions about them from us, you really have to fill
bugs. If they are invalid, you'll be given straight notice, that it is
not an issue or us, and if they are valid, they will not be forgotten.
Given how much spare time I, and I suppose Luya as well, have, it's hard
for the two of us to be making fast progress, but I hope that now when
we have finally decided about the guidelines we can attract more people
to contribute.


I have read the original post and don't bother to reply when someone keeps complaining without activity
participating by said submitting a bug report. As pointed out, we have daily stuffs to do and I am busy with assignments from class. Until the OP changed his approach, I will totally ignore it. Be fortunate to not deal with some closed source business.

Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Project Contributor
Fedora Artwork
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