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Re: Subtle style

I want to show you simple theme, made for openSUSE, which I think is
great, because of its simplicity.

Here you go: http://en.opensuse.org/Artwork:Pixel_Pool/11.0/GreyGreen

Yeah, it is quite nice (a little too bright for me, but nice).

Doesn't matter.

I absolutely hate only one:
the face browser login.

Yeah, their face browser mockup login is ugly ^^ .
(Because it was not drawn by jimmac.)

You can see the SUSE identity very prominent, both in the green and the
spiral background (it is a lizard tail).

Yes, that's great part of their artwork. I like it very much.

But I wouldn't say it is simpler, nicer or better than Infinity, it is
at about the same level (except for the face browser login, which is poor).

I don't wanted to show that's better. It's just inspiration for you to create (another) great theme for upcoming release.

SUSE is easily recognizeable because of this gecko. We do not have such thing :( .

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