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Re: [Round 3] Alternative wallpapers for Sulphuric Waves

I suggest to add sort of "Infiniy" rays similar to the ones
of F8 raising from the Sulphar glow upwards ..
with the gradient of a bluish flame..

On 2/23/08, Camilo Mesias <camilo mesias co uk> wrote:
I think the wallpapers are great... is the blueness of the palette a
given though? I was thinking back to my youth when some sulphur was
burned in a science experiment.

There was an amazing range of powdery yellow colours, ranging through
to a glossy dark brown for the molten sulphur. Then the flame was a
contrasting blue colour that I remember very vividly. I'm almost
tempted to find some sulphur and photograph it burning!

I can imagine a pair of images with those colours, with blue being the
dominant colour in one, and yellow in the other.


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