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Re: [Round 3] Alternative wallpapers for Sulphuric Waves

Martin Sourada wrote:
As for the issue of being it blue, well, I don't like very much the idea
of having different colour wallpaper than blue, not only because I like
blue (the Mo's grey/yellow sulphuric designs are great even though they
are NOT blue), but mostly because I, and many other people, have Fedora
already associated with blue. Yeah, we can experiment with other colours
as well, but as far as we don't want to confuse people we need blue to
be the main colour. Now when you look at fedora wallpapers, you most
likely guess it's fedora, if we will have grey wallpaper nobody would
guess it's fedora... But anyway, if more people prefer grey, I am not
against it ;-)

I think blue should be *at least* partly used, so It could be gray with some secondary blue elements.

So the main question is: do we want the default colour to be part of
fedora "image" or not? If the former, than we have to have blue
wallpapers, if the latter, we can have in each release different
coloured one...

Ubuntu is brown, SUSE is green, Fedora is blue.

I am OK with providing wallpapers in two color versions: one default blue and something else as an alternative.

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