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Re: [Round 3] Alternative wallpapers for Sulphuric Waves

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 5:45 AM, Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org> wrote:
 I have been meaning to play with the sulphur itself to add a blue glow.
 Maybe the supporting artwork could have more blue, maybe with grey
 accents to match, but the wallpaper would be grey?

burning sulfur.....
  From the initial feedback on the mockups it seemed a lot of people
 welcomed the change to grey as a change of pace.

I really really want to see blue...but everything i see with the
sulfur yellows and blues together hasn't really worked for me. The
grey and yellow works. Playing with the burning sulfur metaphor to
bring in some blue hilights might do the trick.

Well here's my first attempt:

Had another idea to make the flames a bigger part of the concept, hopefully i'll get a chance to sketch that tommorrow.


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