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Re: A pretty please (regrading Fedora 9 theme)

> What do you think about the theme on Gnome panels. I believe that
> fedora hasn't changer it's... maybe ever, no? What is your opinion on
> that? I must admit that the LinuxMint design team really surprised
> me... they had some "experiments" with the look of their distro that
> didn't came out well in some previous version, but I must admit that I
> really love the panels - it is subtle but still looks very nice.
> Thank you,
> Valent.

The gnome panels looks same as their menus. We don't change default
panel look since it's a little buggy, when you attempt to manually add
some transparency to it...

In the attached screenshot you can see how it looks when you set GTK
theme that sets panel background and have one panel with customised

Anyway. This is slightly off-topic here. The release specific artwork is
wallpaper, gdm theme, rhgb theme, etc. If you have suggestions about
GTK/Metacity theme, ask in separate thread. It's release agnostic.


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