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Re: A pretty please (regrading Fedora 9 theme)

Valent Turkovic wrote:
On 1/1/08, Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote:
Valent Turkovic wrote:
Here are one audio review which also says artwork for Fedora 8 is lacking:

and one random forum comment:
"Artwork quite poor compared to version 7."
I could point at a lot more reviews and magazine articles that saw it as
an improvement. It's artwork, it's subjective, you can't please everyone
and if you do you're probably doing something wrong. For every negative
comment I've seen or heard about the F8 theme, I've seen 9 or 10
positive ones.

Did you listen to Linux Action Show podcast review in the link that is
provided? They also mention icons and few other issues, but best
listen to it if you can.
Hi Valent!
It seems like they were kind of vague on what exactly was wrong with the icons. I didn't quite understand if they complained the category icons in the Applications menu or the icons on the top panel. Since they mentioned Red Hat 9 it might have been the top panel ones (bluecurve), but I can't say for sure. Bugs should probably be filed on that.

Reviews are just reviews. I've seen a lot of positive ones about Fedora 8 as well.
- Andreas

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