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Nodoka 0.7 beta 1 released

Hi all, 

I've just released Nodoka 0.7 beta 1 [1], which is first major step
towards Nodoka 0.7 stable and as such I'll package it for rawhide for

The changes from 0.6.1 (latest stable) are:
        * Scroll Bars redesign
        * New code for drawing Tabs (more efficient)
        * Removed separator from Option Menu (I'm still not sure if it
        is for good or for bad)
        * Bullet color for Check and Radio Buttons is now set in gtkrc
        * Progress Bar redesign
        * Reworked Spin Button (so that it now better reflect various
        * Added support for gradients in Toolbar
        * More options for gradient look in Menu Bar
        * New focus representation (which introduces another two new
        engine options)
        * New extra gtk themes (Nodoka-Aqua, Nodoka-Gilouche,
        Nodoka-Looks, Nodoka-Midnight, Nodoka-Silver, Nodoka-Rounded,
        * Some changes to the default Nodoka gtk theme
        * Various fixes and workarounds for buggy situations

You can get the release from the git repo on fedorahosted [2] (still
there is no convenient way how to upload files intended to download to

I also added Screenshots [3] subpage to the Nodoka wiki, so that people
can look how it looks and comment on it without the need of installing
it (especially helpful during alpha and beta stages when the engine
might be unstable).

It would be cool if people made some comments/suggestions both to the
engine and theme, especially for the new themes so that we can make
further improvements before stable release.

In the screenshots you can also notice newer metacity that that
available publicly. I am still not sure about it, so I didn't uploaded
it to git yet, so I would be grateful for your comments/suggestions in
this matter as well.

I'll notice you when the rawhide package is ready.


[2] http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=nodoka;a=summary
[3] https://fedorahosted.org/nodoka/wiki/Screenshots

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