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Re: A pretty please (regrading Fedora 9 theme)

Valent Turkovic wrote:
Mairin please take the time and listen to the podcast, they have
really gone into details and especially you as the leader of artwork
team should listen to it.
If you have flash you can hear it here:
if you want to listen to if offline here you go:

Fromt he podcast:

"I hate hate hate - I am going to underline the word hate, capitalize it, and put little HTML bold tag. I don't have anything else to say about it.... the... it lokos like someone took at loko at windows 200 and thought hmm this is nice but i like the way that windows xp is also ugly, so im going to combine the ugliest features of both (laughter in background) and I'm going to paint it with a blue brush, but I am going to choose the ugliest sky blue color I can find. And that is what it looks like to me. It drives me crazy. Because it's not a huge departure from what we had, but they managed to modify it in slight ways that took something that i thought was good looking and made it so bad I thought it was horrible."

Thank you SO MUCH Valent. The feedback from this podcast is SO HELPFUL. Not only that, but it really confirms to me that the 100+ hours of my PERSONAL time (time I could have spent with my family or friends) that I put into it was REALLY WORTH IT. Thank you so much Valent for bringing this to my attention, I am now so motivated to put EVEN MORE TIME into Fedora 9, because I now see how much my and this teams efforts are APPRECIATED.

Thank you Valent, thank you so much for INSISTING that I listen to this podcast.


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