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Re: A Thought About F9 Artwork

Steven Garrity wrote:
John Baer wrote:
Does it make sense to change the theme every other release cycle and
use the off cycle to improve or tweak the current theme?

This is a good point - it would be nice to see a somewhat common theme
getting more and more polished with each release. More of an evolution
than a complete redesign each time. That said, the last few themes have
been a bit like this.

Things that are easier to change, like the splash screens and wallpaper
can change more frequently and dramatically. Things that are more
challenging to redesign well, like Gtk and Metacity themes evolve more
Please look these two screenshots:

One is FC6 and other is F8.

Can you make the difference. The differences are subtle, too subtle and too bland IMHO. I would love to see Fedora 9 get the gtk theme it deserves.

So slowing down design really sound bad to me.


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