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Re: [Echo] Some updates.

Hmmm. The blue arrows looks strange.

2008/1/9, Luya Tshimbalanga <luya_tfz thefinalzone com>:
Mark a écrit :
2008/1/7, Luya Tshimbalanga <luya_tfz thefinalzone com>:
Camera set icon got more modifications. The inline is more lighter to
allow a better transition between value to produce a more volumetric

Document-save got revisited to address the issue about the use of floppy
disk. It now uses the hard disk drive based from drive-harddisk icon.[2]
Document-save-as got the same treatment but smaller icons are not done yet.

More new and modified icons to come soon.


i like the new camera icon more than the previous one but this time
with the critic that it could use some more contrast. The shape is
fine! just play a bit with some colors.
Updated version available[1]

And for document-save.. if i see that icon in a application i would
have never guessed that it stands for saving a document. That icon on
it's own looks fine but just not for document-save. Perhaps it's
better to use a floppy for the saving icon?
Floppy disk has been replaced by hard disk drive for document-save. I made a naked version following Martin's suggestion.[2]




™ ¢ D0<Š

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