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Re: Round 1

On Jan 10, 2008 1:53 PM, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
Gerold wrote:
> I'm not really sure to be here on the "correct" list but I like to tell
> you something personal :-)

You give feed-back about one of the proposals, so you are at least
partly on-topic.

> I took a look at the below listed "round1" URLs and I personally tiked the
> 9TO9 most ...
> and I have also a (in my eyes) fantastic idea but also not sure than
> somebody can realize my thoughts.
> When you'll install a new system, you'll get a unique (smolt-system)
> id-number; maybe it is possible that that id-nummer is the "code" shown at
> your dsktop?!
> So everybody has his "own unique" Desktop wallpaper/theme and also maybe
> with the changing color as in F8???

Wow! That would be indeed cool, to have your own code somewhere (it may
be even a bar code).
And I think I got an idea about the implementation: we can have a SVG as
background. Is easy to modify that SVG file, is XML, but you can do a
test search and replace (with sed).So I believe it can be done (but I
suspect the current Nautilus won't notice the SVG update on the fly).
I like this idea too...

About the implementation, we won't need to change the code every period of time, it'll be set only once when the system is first installed... Probably changed in the four pictures (assuming the color will change too), then exported to png and those pngs will be used just like they used to in F8. 

> Just my thoughts and ideas and also not really sure to post correct here.
> Feel free to post it in the correct ML

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