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Echo: "package-x-generic" attempt 10


i've seen a dozen package-x-generic icons of different icon themes
that all look better than the current  package-x-generic. So i (again)
did an attempt to create a good looking one.

This icon is partly compatible with the echo guidelines. the only
thing that isn't is that light brown isn't in the echo colors. I would
like to see that one added.

My icon is based on the colors of this package [1].
The main colors in that icon:
1. #efd497
2. #b18e4b
3. #bba370
4. #dcc698

Those are also used in this icon.
I think this icon looks good at all the sizes i posted now and bigger
is looking fine as well. Smaller (16x16) is still usable but probably
not recommended.

And another issue in echo. 3 shadows aren't possible ;) this shadow is
copied from another package-x-generic but the way the shadow is shown
in it isn't possible in real life (except with multiple light

So what do you think?

[1] http://www.markdbd.com/proyectos/google_reader_notifier/images/install.png

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