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Re: Echo: "package-x-generic" attempt 10

On Sat, 2008-01-12 at 23:53 +0100, Mark wrote:
> Hey,
> i've seen a dozen package-x-generic icons of different icon themes
> that all look better than the current  package-x-generic. So i (again)
> did an attempt to create a good looking one.
> This icon is partly compatible with the echo guidelines. the only
> thing that isn't is that light brown isn't in the echo colors. I would
> like to see that one added.
> My icon is based on the colors of this package [1].
> The main colors in that icon:
> 1. #efd497
> 2. #b18e4b
> 3. #bba370
> 4. #dcc698
> Those are also used in this icon.
> I think this icon looks good at all the sizes i posted now and bigger
> is looking fine as well. Smaller (16x16) is still usable but probably
> not recommended.
> And another issue in echo. 3 shadows aren't possible ;) this shadow is
> copied from another package-x-generic but the way the shadow is shown
> in it isn't possible in real life (except with multiple light
> sources).
> So what do you think?
> [1] http://www.markdbd.com/proyectos/google_reader_notifier/images/install.png

To be frank, to me it seems like if the package was looked at through a
mist. Could you make stronger outline and use darker colours, I am OK
with the package icon I send you (well, after all it were my changes
that resulted in that), though it might be a little brighter. But if you
brighten it too much it does not fit Echo or even becomes bland.

As for the shadows. They aren't supposed to be real (nor completely
unreal), but they are supposed to be consistent throughout the whole
theme. So the shadow is mostly OK as is. Most is at the back part, and
some in the front as well... Oh, and these shadows surely are possible
in real world, you'd just need to have the light source close enough...


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